Sam’s MOVE Story: building core strength

Sam is a student at Alfreton Park Community Special School in Derbyshire, a MOVE Centre of Excellence. Here, his mum Carol tells us what the MOVE Programme has enabled Sam to do:

“Sam is 18 and has been using MOVE for 3 or 4 years. He has semi-lobar holoprosencephaly and diplegic cerebral palsy. He is a full-time wheelchair user (unable to weight bear), has left side weakness and requires thorasic support, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to see and do things. He enjoys ‘people watching’, loud music, shopping and interacting with adults.

Since starting MOVE, Sam has increased upper body strength in both his arms and torso. This has enabled him to transfer himself from different seats without the use of transfer boards and hoists—he likes the fact that he can self-transfer and it’s been a real bonus for us! His torso strength has also enabled him to sit up straight for long periods, which helps his concentration and digestion.

Sam’s general well being is much better since being on MOVE. He is stronger and more willing to try things out of his comfort zone. The moment that stood out to me the most during his time on the MOVE Programme so far is when he went canoeing at the Calvert Trust 2 years ago. I was worried and told staff that he wouldn’t be able to sit without support, but he did it for about 40 minutes without thorasic or back support!

I would recommend the MOVE Programme to other families because it’s fun and involves creating a specific plan for your child. Sam has benefitted a lot from using MOVE—he loves it because it is always fun and never a chore!”

He has also been building his skills using a Rifton Tram to move independently and access activities with his friends:

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