Success Stories

Ruby Rose’s MOVE Story: building confidence

Ruby Rose is a pupil at Shenstone School in Kent, a MOVE Centre of Excellence. Here, her teacher Judit tells us the amazing progress she has made on the MOVE Programme: “Ruby Rose joined Shenstone School at nursery level in September 2015 and started the MOVE Programme in November 2016. She would arrive to school… Read more “Ruby Rose’s MOVE Story: building confidence”

Olivia’s MOVE Story: improving wellbeing

Olivia is a pupil at Ivy House School in Derby, a MOVE Centre of Excellence, and has been on the MOVE Programme since September 2017. Here, her mum Nicola explains the difference that MOVE has made to Olivia’s life: “When Olivia first started on the MOVE Programme she crawled everywhere, and would only very occasionally… Read more “Olivia’s MOVE Story: improving wellbeing”

Ben’s MOVE story: exceeding expectations

Ben is a pupil at Wyvern Academy in Dorset, a MOVE Centre of Excellence. Here, his teacher Sue tells us the amazing progress Ben has made on the MOVE Programme: “When Ben joined the MOVE Programme in December 2013, he required a significant level of support, needing help to sit, stand and transfer. Due to… Read more “Ben’s MOVE story: exceeding expectations”

Liyla’s MOVE story: making progress

Liyla is a pupil at Ivel Valley School in Bedfordshire, a MOVE Quality Mark accredited school. Here, her mum Kaysey tells us the difference the MOVE Programme has made to their lives: “Liyla started using the MOVE Programme in 2017. Before starting MOVE Liyla had little mobility. She couldn’t stand without support and she couldn’t walk… Read more “Liyla’s MOVE story: making progress”

Sam’s MOVE Story: building core strength

Sam is a student at Alfreton Park Community Special School in Derbyshire, a MOVE Centre of Excellence. Here, his mum Carol tells us what the MOVE Programme has enabled Sam to do: “Sam is 18 and has been using MOVE for 3 or 4 years. He has semi-lobar holoprosencephaly and diplegic cerebral palsy. He is… Read more “Sam’s MOVE Story: building core strength”

Ibrahim’s MOVE Story: becoming independent

Ibrahim is a student at Cherry Garden School in London, a MOVE Centre of Excellence. Since starting the MOVE Programme he has made excellent progress and can now walk independently! You can see his whole journey in this fantastic video from Cherry Garden: Since this video was created, Ibrahim spent 12 months at home over due… Read more “Ibrahim’s MOVE Story: becoming independent”


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