Operational Physiotherapy Manager

MOVE is a great complement to physiotherapy. Children using the programme make steady, measurable, and sustainable mobility progress because their families and teachers work with their therapists to embed movement opportunities into everyday routines.

Ashgate Croft School, Chesterfield

The MOVE programme enables our students to increase their independence and work on valuable functional skills. We’ve seen massive improvements in their health and their self-esteem!

I am really pleased that we started MOVE…Many of our pupils have gained skills we didn’t think would be possible, which is so valuable to their families.

Willow Dene School, London

The improvements in our pupils’ health and in social skills is incredible. MOVE proves you should never doubt a young person’s abilities!

Oaklands School, Edinburgh

When I first heard about MOVE, I didn’t expect it to have a great impact on me or my physio practice. How wrong was I! I’ve been using it for 20 years now and I have been amazed by what children have achieved with the right motivation.

Heatherwood School, Doncaster

We would 100% recommend MOVE to other schools! The programme offers a framework which is simple to follow but effective in supporting pupils to become more independent and reach their goals.

Ysgol y Gogarth, Llandudno

MOVE has been received really well by staff and families…Pupils are all making progress and some teachers have been quite overwhelmed by how much they’ve achieved!

Alfreton Park Community Special School, Derbyshire

MOVE has opened so many doors for our pupils and fits well within our school because it focuses on holistic and independent learning.

Fiveways School, Somerset

MOVE is so useful to our school. It helps us find out what is important to our pupils and their families and gives us a framework to find the best ways to support their wishes and development.


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